Hello World!

The Traveling Tribe is an exciting new venture for 2012.

It has a ‘reality-show’-feel with lots of personality.

From Monday the 30th of January 2012 I’ll be hosting the ‘Big Breakfast’ on Kingfisher FM.

My Clan (The Pienaar’s of the Little Wooden House on the not so Little Hill) loves traveling & so we’ll be combining this love with the exciting opportunity of saying good morning to the people of our little bit of world.

Every weekend we’ll visit a destination in one of the seven regions of our adventurous Eastern Cape.  Twice a year we’ll venture further afield into other provinces, perhaps even other Southern African Countries.

The Traveling Tribe will create awesome exposure for tourism & hospitality operators – there’s even an opportunity for a motoring company to come on-board.

Every journey will be videoed & a 5 minute clip of the journey will be posted on this blog, along with pictures and an article.

Along the journey the tribe will tweet & Facebook fervently about their experiences to more than 3000 followers.

Blog Posts will be made public on the Tribe’s personal Facebook Pages, as well as a dedicated Traveling Tribe, Africa Facebook Page & on the Kingfisher FM Facebook page.

A link to this Traveling Tribe-blog will be added to the Kingfisher FM-website’s homepage, enticing the more than 70 000 monthly visitors to share the journey.

And to top it all off – every Friday and Monday at 08h35 on Kingfisher FM’s Big Breakfast the journey will be discussed, interviews will be done with operators & sponsors and the weekend’s travels will be shared with thousands of listeners, pushing even more traffic to this blog & sponsors’ online-portals.

The idea of Traveling Tribe is to encourage people from our little bit of world to travel in the Eastern Cape & the spin-off would be travel into South Africa & Africa.

The only question remaining is: ‘do you want to be a part of this?’

If so, e-mail me on theunis@kingfisherfm.co.za and let’s make it happen.

The first chronicle of the Traveling Tribe’s journey will be featured on 03/02/2012.

Will you be an innovator?

Will you be part of a new & exciting way to promote tourism in the Eastern Cape, your establishment & product?

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11 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. look forward to be part of the traveling tribe!

  2. I can’t wait to follow this tribe! Travel creatively and spread the awesomeness of this land.

  3. Binty

    Youre friend thinks ‘you need a priest’ to accompany you

  4. Wout van den Bor

    dear Theunis,

    YES, you are completely right! Bergrivier is close to paradise. We have had the privilege to visit our dear friends Dorie and Japie several times on their “plaas”. Their hospitality, kindness and wish to make you feel at home is strikingly genuine. I met Japie many years ago under the aegis of a scientific cooperation project between my university in Holland (Wageningen University) and his university at Fort Hare. Since then we have spent may precious hours together, in SA, in Holland and in Sweden. At the end of this month I will again travel from Holland to the “plaas daarby die ossewa: Bergrivier”. It will now be a leisure trip. What a lovely prospect. Theunis, I could not have painted the atmosphere at Bergrivier any better than you did. Spot on!
    Dit is alles wat een mens geneest, naar lichaam en naar geest!!
    Baie dankie!

    Wout en Marja van den Bor

  5. Imagine, you have such beauty on your doorstep to enjoy. You can go and rest and return home without the tiredness of a long journey.

  6. Awesome! Love getting out there, camping and having nature all around you 🙂 Cant wait for the Friday- and Monday mornings….something new and exciting to look forward to, thanks Kingfisher FM!!! Will be following the BLOG as well. Enjoy Traveling Tribe and may it not only be a time to relax and enjoy the nature, but again appreciating what we have around us 🙂 Blessings!

  7. Hannes Els

    A visit to Bergrivier is really an exhilarating experience. The hospitality and friendliness of Japie and Dorie are unique. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay!
    Die Else

  8. Adele

    Wow, did not know we had so much to see so close to our doorstep. Looked like you had so much fun. You will have to do the Zipline again after the Lump’s birth! Love to do it soon with my family. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Andrea Wood

    Hi travelling tribe! will be following it all. excellent. thank you.

  10. theunsie

    i love it so so soooo much thanx for every thing pappa

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