Jeffreys Bay – Funky Town

Congratulations to Hilda Beukes from Bloemfontein in the Freestate on winning the Funky Town Flashpackers (in Jeffreys Bay) Competition.

Keep looking, we try to give away what we enjoy & experience – who knows, soon you might win your own family weekend experience.

Competition details are always here


Location: 77 kilometres from Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape, on the N2 in the direction of Cape Town.

Date Visited: 29 June – 1 July 2012 (Winter)

Where we Stayed: Funky Town Flashpackers

Where we ate:  The Mexican, Bay Pasta Co, Sunflower, Cafe Kima, Vue de Cafe & InFood

What we drove: The Dodge Caliber, complements of Maritime Motors.

What we did: Wow!  Where to start?  We met amazing people over tables filled with delicious food.  We re-discovered relationship, went sand-boarding with Wacky Wipe-outs, visited the shell-museum, went surfing with Wavecrest Surf School , got ourselves donuts at infamous Donut World & enjoyed warm winter sun & hospitality.

Recommendation: Jeffreys Bay is an awesome coastal town not even 45 minutes drive from Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay.  We’ve been there before & couldn’t resist going back.  If you cannot spend a weekend here, it is at least worth a day-trip.  It is known as Surf Capitol of the world and not without reason.  It has perfect waves in so many different spots.  The beaches are clean & white.  The environment is friendly, happy and safe.  Surfing isn’t the only offering of this fantastic destination.  There are awesome restaurants, breath-taking game viewing, horse riding, diving, fishing and sandboarding.  A visit to South Africa is not complete without a visit to Jeffreys Bay.  If you live in Nelson Mandela Bay, it is unthinkable that you would not spend a day or weekend recharging here.

For more on Jeffreys Bay, click HERE





I know we’ve visited Jeffreys Bay, before.

But when Michelle Campbell contacted us & enticed us to go back to Jeffreys Bay, with the invitation of  a stay at the newly opened Funky Town Flashpackers & the promise of seeing what we’ve not seen, we just could not resist.

What is a ‘Flashpackers‘ anyway?

It is something extraordinary, we would discover.

A stay like The Traveling Tribe has not had to date.

The Dodge Caliber, probably the best value, with the most ‘car’, for the least amount of money, available in South Africa, was an easy drive to Jeffreys Bay.

As we hit the N2, I engaged the cruise-control, only slowing down as we took the turn-off into town.

The Caliber loaded our luggage & the entire tribe with ease.

There wasn’t space for a pram, but even with Maddi’s other baby-gear nothing had to be pushed or shoved or squashed to get a spot in the boot.

At Funky Town Flashpackers we were welcomed by James & Tayrene.

And amazing art.

By Buffy Braveart, amongst others.

And covers from Tintin books & pictures of  a ’67 VW Fleetline Combi & Vespa Scooters & comic book characters on the walls, mixed with exquisitely beautiful furniture, tastefully combined with little surprises hidden everywhere.

We take our luggage upstairs.

We are drawn to the lounge-area for drinks & conversation.

James’ passion for Funky Town is very evident.

As is his very beautiful soul as he comfortably mingles with my bizarre children who have no concept of age or appropriate as children-of-the-system might have or as adults might very often expect.

For which I cannot blame them.

As it is Zuko & I who took the bold step of raising them in the spirit of non-conformity & authenticity, to the detriment of most lovers of all things appropriate.

James talks of the art.

The decor.

The opportunity of bringing something new & fresh to a world filled to the brim with the same-old, same-old, same-old stuff.

A ‘flashpackers’ combines the opulence & comfort of up-market accommodation with the social-opportunity of meeting & discovering new people.

Cooking together in the state-of-the-art kitchen.

Sharing the fire or drinks at the bar.

Enough privacy & comfort in your own en-suite room.

With just the right amount of ‘social’ to remind you why you loved traveling in the first place.

If anything should be mentioned about this weekend in Jeffreys Bay, it is the amount of wonderfully interesting people we met & spent time with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Michelle Dean at The Mexican, where we had supper on Friday night.

A wife & mother, who alongside her husband wanted more of a family life & translated their entertaining at home into a business which brings people together & creates relationship.

Jane who was so into Food that she started InFood & became loved for her food, beyond Jeffreys Bay.

She served us breakfast on Saturday morning & spoke of finding ourselves & being true to our own being & walking away from that which is not us, always finding more in honesty & success in enjoyment.

Bruce at The Sunflower who took disappointment & translated it into new opportunity, alongside his father.

Andonis at The Bay Pasta Co, who alongside his brother, wanted to be close to Jeffreys Bay’s infamous waves & ventured into the world they grew up in, to create something of their own which is exceptional & accessable & delicious all at the same time.

Marlene who created Vue de Cafe, a quaint Beachfront Cafe serving breakfasts & luncheons to droves of hungry beachgoers & tourists & locals, while she would fulfill a dream & build a new life.

On Saturday afternoon, after we surfed & explored & enjoyed scrumptious food we were met by a crowd of locals at Funky Town.  They say they came to meet us & they are very kind.  I think they came because they were curious about Funky Town Flashpackers & wanted to see for themselves the beautiful art & exquisite decor everyone is talking about.

Liz is a dancer, model & performer.

That is how she made her living.

She ‘is’ a kind heart.

An embracing soul.

A refined spirit.

Sonja is there with her daughter.  They talk of tomorrow & yesterday all at the same time.

Of hope & disappointment.

Of doing everything different & doing it as expected.

The three of them join us later at The Bay Pasta Co for Andonis’ deeply rich food.

But first we also meet Maureen who made a living writing contracts, before coming to Jeffreys Bay, by chance & starting a (now hugely succesful) blog on everything Kindle related.

Saturday morning saw us spending time with Andre Moon from Wavecrest Surf School.

A man who love the ocean & his family & found a way of bringing it all together in one place.

Sunday we spend time on the dunes with Reg or Regardt, depending on who you are & what language you speak.  He gets even me sandboarding like a professional.

While the children’s impossible energy remains undrained we talk high up on a dune with the warm winter’s sun on our faces.  He grew-up in this world.  Came here as a young boy when both his parents died.

Grew up with grandparents.

Found his way through life.

Into surfing.

And sandboarding.

Not only creating a tourism business, but also manufacturing sand-boards & assisting with the creation of a lodge.


Beautiful people.

All around us.

All weekend long.

Tayrene of Funky Town talks of her excitement to be building such an exciting new venture.

James, who came up with the idea & brought it to reality, speaks of reminiscence.

Of remembering where we came from, despite where we were or what we tasted.

Of hope, always alive.

Even if the flame burns low at times.

And he loves.

And embraces.


And our children.

And it is visible in the Funky Town of his imagination.

Somewhere along the weekend we also get the chance to enjoy the jacuzzi.

A warm pit-fire.

The best donut in the world from ‘Donut World’.

On Sunday at lunch we catch up with Margreet from Healthy Mom& Baby Clinic.

We sit outside at Cafe Kima.

The food is tasty.

The rhythm slow.

We talk of her recent trip to The Netherlands.

Of our mutual love for Africa.

Of hope found in relationship.

Of  relationship across boundaries.

Affecting us.

James drives up.  His car is loaded.  He is heading back to Cape Town.  He just wanted to say goodbye.

We exchange kind words.

Pippa leans into the car, intruding personal space without hesitation to give a farewell hug. Theunsie offers a firm handshake.

I wonder if we’ll see each other again?

It was almost to brief.

Too fleeting.

And yet so very intimate.

Then we eat.  And talk to Ilse, the manager of Cafe Kima.  Another beautiful being.  Living close to family & friends in the slow dance that is Jeffreys Bay.  Food in her soul.  Hope in her heart.

Margreet says goodbye.

And as the late afternoon gives way to evening we load our bags & say our own goodbye at Funky Town.

The Dodge Caliber accepts the relaxed speed I choose with as much ease as it would a more urgent acceleration.

We savour the last moments of our weekend together.

Pippa talks of different lives seen.

Which is good.

For if we think that everyone is as us, then we make the mistake of expecting everyone to give themselves up.

Zuko & I talk of the people we met & the ones we connected with.

We talk of our desire to love & be loved.


For who we are.

And not what we have or can offer.

We talk of time.

The greatest gift we can give to each other.

The most precious gift we can receive.

And we resolve to never let it be about the stuff.

To always let it be about the relationship.

Ours with each other.

And with others.




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26 thoughts on “Jeffreys Bay – Funky Town

  1. Hilda

    Flashpacker travellers can be defined as backpackers with a little more income. A flashpacker establishment entitles the guest to their own bedroom with bathroom and suite. The shared socialising facilities remain, so guests can still socialise with other guests. Flashpackers also provide more comfortable accommodation, not only in space, but in bedding and trendy room accessories,like Wi Fi, safes etc.. Flashpacker is a harmonious, yet trendy environment and are sometimes referred to as Art Hotels.
    … and WOW ;-))

  2. An Epic moment and it clearly affects people in a lot of different ways, there’s nothing like a venue that suits u and ur family, the great outdoors out at Jeffreys Bay, Funky Town, has personality! it goes without saying defiantly, in the name. Wicket !!!!

  3. Melanie Peasnell

    “Flashpacking is a neologism used to refer to an affluent backpacker.

    Whereas backpacking is traditionally associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap,

    flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while travelling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget.
    The origin of the term itself is obscure.”


    • Odette Olivier

      A flashpacker is a backpacker with a little more icome.

  4. We hope to see you all at Funky Town in the future and thank you for the stunning exposure. What an awesome family and friends. Thank you Theunis, Zuka, Pippa, Sophia and Theunis Jr and baby-Maggi – that I fell in love with. See you all soon again. Love Tayrene

  5. Dawn Munnings

    Flashpackers are extraordinary.
    A ‘flashpackers’ combines the opulence & comfort of up-market accommodation with the social-opportunity of meeting & discovering new people.
    Some say it means backpacking with a higher budget and traveling with tech-savvy gear like laptops and DSLR cameras. It could refer to backpackers who do not stay at hostels, but rather in 5 star hotels.Or it could refers to people who spent more money on dining and activities rather than a nice place to sleep.
    I would love to try it!

  6. Infamous waves?

  7. Linda Rossouw

    Basically…its a fancy pants backpackers…costs a wee bit more, but still great value with a little more privacy and comfort…not so?!

  8. Backpackers on steroids – of sorts

  9. Barbara and Brandon Gouws

    A Flashpacker combines the opulence and comfort of an up markert accommodation with social oppurtunity of meeting and discovering new people,very nice.

  10. Marcello Adriaan

    Is is something extraordary we would discover.

  11. laa'iqah

    Flashpackers se be a backpackers accomodation with extra ordinary difference. The unique decor and artwork the setting where young and old people can socialise with their friendly host and meet new people while finding comfortable accomodation

  12. Jonathan du Pisanie

    ‘flashpackers’ combines the opulence & comfort of up-market accommodation with the social-opportunity of meeting & discovering new people. A new take on on conventional backpacking. Definitely something I’d like to experience 🙂

  13. Mariehet

    Flashpackers seek out high value experiences and services, will have decent accomodation with all the comforts of a type of guest house,to give you time to explore the town. Flashpackers seek out high value experiences and services.

  14. Denrich Evans

    To me its a good mix between, just the right amount of socializing and mixing with new people and just the right amount of privacy. The feeling you’re “roughing it” but you’re definately not!!

  15. Mmmmm… I like it, Flashpackers! I’ve some some serious backpacking in my time and I love the sound of it. No worrying who will sleep in the bed next to you. No waking up to the strangers snoring or stinky feet! A bit of luxury, a lot of style. Sjoe! My kind of place.

  16. Flashpackers – Funky Town is a backpackers with a touch of class. Fun and easy living, but with a touch more comfort. Sounds amazing and would love to win this one. Sounds likeb you had a fab time

  17. Helene

    In short…It is Backpacking/travelling in style!!!

  18. Flashy backpackers 🙂

  19. “”A ‘flashpackers’ combines the opulence & comfort of up-market accommodation with the social-opportunity of meeting & discovering new people.””””

  20. Michelle Grundling

    Flashpackers: It’s an all in one multi upgrade from backpacking. You still get what you would love from backpacking and more. Staying in stylish private accommodations, staying in touch with the world, getting useful and insider tips from friendly staff and eating exceptional food. While you still experiencing your beautiful surrounding and all the attractions there is to experience.

  21. Mariehet

    Flashpackers are the Theunis Pienaar tribe, always looking for places to discover, be ready in a wink,charming,sharing,loving, prepare to sleep anywhere, love and like to be loved.Explorers of the Eastern Cape, basic funky back packers♥

  22. “Flashpacking is a neologism used to refer to an affluent backpacker. Whereas backpacking is traditionally associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap, flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget.”

  23. Sarah Smith

    A flashpacker is similar to a backpacker; both have a sense of independence, no fixed itinerary and long periods of travel to more exciting and far-away places. Backpacking is associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap. Flashpacking is basically traveling with a bigger budget. Also, people want to stay connected now wherever they go, and lightweight technology these days makes it easier to stay connected, but still feel like you’re ‘roughing it’. It’s backpacking the modern way; more fun, less stress 🙂

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  25. I actually wonder the reasons why you branded this blog post, “Jeffreys Bay – Funky Town � travelingtribe”.
    In any event I actually loved the article!Regards-Tamela

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