Lalibela Too

Congratulations to Penny Morris!  She won a two nights & three days stay,  enjoying Lalibela’s beauty, valued at R9000.00
enabling her to take 2 adults & 2 children on an awesome adventure.

The Tribe hopes you will create amazing memories.


Location:  90 kilometers from Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay on the N2 towards Grahamstown.

Date Visited: 12 – 14 October 2012 (Summer)

What we Drove: The Chrysler Grand Voyager, complements of Maritime Motors .

Where we Stayed: Mark’s Camp, one of the three four-star lodges in the Game Reserve, this one specifically designed with families and children in mind.

What we did: We had scrumptious food, awesome game viewing from open vehicles with knowledgeable guides & fantastic African entertainment alongside great conversation and time together.  This time round we had the opportunity to meet the team behind the scenes & get a better feel of what motivates them, even getting some golden nuggets about life & business.

Recommendation: This is an amazing African weekend for a family who wants to do something very special.  The proximity to Nelson Mandela Bay and the malaria free environment makes it especially wonderful when traveling with children.  Lalibela comes highly recommended.

Website: Lalibela Game Reserve

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We’ve been to Lalibela before.

We’ve experienced the luxury accommodation.

The exquisite safari cuisine.

The exceptional service.

The knowledgeable rangers.

The very helpful staff.

This time we experienced all of that along with the opportunity to get to know some of the people who created this & keeps it growing.

This time we made our way to Lalibela in the extremely comfortable Chrysler Grand Voyager.

As you get into this vehicle it is very evident that the interior was designed by Boeing.

Attention to detail, comfort & space is overwhelming.

It is a family vehicle.

The Tribe with our luggage & all of Maddi’s paraphernalia fitted into this vehicle with space to spare.

The media system, climate control & safety features are something we’ve not experienced.

The intuitive cruise control makes the 90 kilometer drive seem like a moment.

At reception we are welcomed by Marimba players & Xhosa singers serving high tea.

At Mark’s Camp, Lalibela’s Lodge, specifically geared towards families beautifully appointed rooms & personal service await.

Lalibela can accommodate 120 guests between its three lodges.

They employ 60 staff members.

You can imagine how personal & exceptional the service is.

Friday night we cook with Nomakaya & Evelyn.

Evelyn has just joined the team at Lalibela.

Nomakaya has been there for eight years.

While the kids peel vegetables & stir various dishes slowly frying in butter, Nomakaya tells us of her journey.

How she left for University after completing school.

How she did not have enough money to complete her studies.

How she found employment close to home.

Starting in the kitchen, washing dishes.

Soon making salads & learning the skill of preparing exceptional food.

The past four years she has been running the kitchen at Mark’s Camp.

Filling orders.

Creating menus.

Impressed with her own development at the hand of Linda, Lalibela’s Food & Beverage Manager.

Saturday evening we’re in for a surprise.

We’re out on a game drive.

The vehicle makes a stop at a huge ‘bush’ of indigenous trees.

Ranger Dave walks us into a fairy tale land.

Lanterns lighting our way to huge fires and magnificent food.

There we get to spend time with Linda.

She tells us of how she came from Port Elizabeth, where she was a lecturer, to Lalibela, where she discovered the joy of working with a team of ladies, collectively discovering the joy of creating tasty meals for travelers from every part of the world.

Lalibela is an exporter in many ways.

Without processing or packaging this game reserve takes South Africa to the world as foreign tourists come to be on safari.

Bringing valuable foreign currency to our shores.

And positive reputation.

At the ‘Bush Boma’, in the light of friendly lanterns we talk to a couple from England.

It is their first time at Lalibela.

They are blown away.

By the experience.

By South Africa.

They are resolved to come again.

A couple from Germany joins the conversation.

They’ve been to Africa before.

They’ve never tasted Africa as they’re tasting it tonight.

It is an experience about which they will talk for decades to come.

They take pictures as the Xhosa dancers entertain us.

Over supper an Irish couple speak of the troop of elephant they encountered.

About the pride of Lion they watched.

About the hippopotamuses & the giraffe.

They cannot believe how close they came to the animals.

How much of them they could experience.

Every single expectation has been exceeded.

‘Conservation is about much more than the animals,’ explained Vernon Wait, one of the owners, on Saturday afternoon as we spent some time at one of the swimming pools.

‘Conservation is about conserving & creating a livelihood.  It is about conserving a way of life.  It is about affecting our world.  Positively.’

Lalibela was recently the victim of Rhino poachers.

‘You must understand, we tend these animals.  We look after them.  We know when they are ill or expecting.  When one of them is hurt, we are hurt.  It is like losing a child.’ Vernon explains .

Yet they continue.


Evil will always be there.

In this world.

Trying to prevent us.

Discourage us.

Steal our hope.

The best way to defeat it is by forging ahead.

Always hopeful that our efforts would be more.

Earlier I went out Cheetah-tracking with Kelly, Lalibela’s Head Ranger.

A girl in a man’s world.

Heading up a team of male rangers.

Planning the wildlife management.

Patrol routes.

Care for patrons.

We track a female Cheetah who is new to the reserve.

She’s recently had cubs.

Kelly wants to check & make sure the cubs are healthy & well.

This is what a reserve like Lalibela does.

They make sure the conditions are optimal for wildlife to flourish.

As naturally as possible.

In a world in which urban areas expand relentlessly.

‘Tourism is our best product,’ explains Rick van Zyl, the founder of Lalibela over Sunday morning coffee.

We drove to Tree Tops, another exceptional camp to meet with Rick.

We wanted to hear his story.

Of how they came from the Merryman Hotel to Lalibela.

Of this place for which the bees have foretold greatness.

I am reminded that no business appears in a moment.

It takes years, decades even, to build a successful business.

Rick & his family worked since the early 1908’s before they had enough to purchase a piece of land which would be the seed of Lalibela.

Then they worked some more.

Often seeing it through, even if it seems it just cannot continue.

‘You need people around you,’ Rick explains.  ‘I had built a network of relationships over thirty years.  And you need a bit of luck.  Someone who would believe in you.  That is the only way.  And persistence.  And resilience.  And the willingness to work and work and work some more.’

So often we listen to the stories of successful entrepreneurs & we think it was a stroke of luck or a moment of genius & they had they cake they could eat.

That is a lie.

It takes time.





To build a successful business.

It takes sacrifice as well.

‘We were fortunate in that there were quality boarding schools where our children could go,’ Rick says with a bit of reminiscence in his voice.  ‘That freed us up to work every minute of every day.’

I sip my coffee and wonder how much I will be willing to sacrifice.

For that illusive success.

Perhaps we need to decide on that before we embark on the journey.

‘The journey is everything,’ Rick remembers.

‘The journey is exciting & enjoyable.  You should savour it.  It is new & fresh & exhilarating.  The destination isn’t what life is about.  It is about how you got there.  Through all the challenges & obstacles & hope.’

The journey.

I am on it.

For that I am grateful.

Perhaps we should not fret so much?

Perhaps each road has its own destination & all we can do is travel?

Perhaps how we travel is what counts?

And so we load the Chrysler Voyager at Lalibela, saying goodbye to foreign tourists & dedicated tourism operators, and head home on a different route.

Via Salem & Kenton-on-Sea.

In Salem we see the graves of many children at the Methodist Church built in the mid 1800’s by optimistic British Settlers.

How sad our journey can be?

Marked by graves along the way.

Of children.

Of hopes.


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184 thoughts on “Lalibela Too

  1. Pamela Tite

    Wow – now that sounds like a fantatsic getaway!! Especially with caring head rangers like Kelly at the helm!! Would LOVE to win this one!!

  2. Heather Akers

    Kelly is the head Ranger….
    I would soooooooooooooooo love to win this after our Families bad luck late.
    Stunning place

  3. Tania Terblanche

    Answer: Kelly

    Must say this place sounds fabulous – just what I need. 🙂

  4. Head ranger is Kelly. Now gimme that prize! PLEASE! 🙂

  5. adri dempsey


  6. Colin

    Kelly is the head ranger.

  7. Hilda Stroebel

    Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger.
    I would LOVE to win this for me and my family, always wanted to go there but just cannot afford it.

  8. Lavinia de Vos

    Lalibella Too’s head ranger is:
    Sounds like an awesome prize to make unforgettable memories for our family.

  9. sam

    the answer is kelly

  10. charleen

    The head ranger is Kelly…………sounds awesome

  11. Arthur Kerr-Sheppard

    Kelly is the head ranger.

  12. Nadia Nortje

    Ranger Kelly! Sounds so restful and relaxing,
    something we need DESPERATELY! Nadia

  13. ansu

    Kelly is the head ranger. Sounds like an amazing bit of paradize!

  14. Judi Smit

    Answer: Kelly.

    This place sounds like HEAVEN!!!!! 🙂

  15. cameron


  16. gemma


  17. Garth

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger

  18. Kelly 🙂

  19. Melanie Peasnell


    Sounds so close to nature, beautiful.

  20. Angela Gillham

    Kelly is her name 🙂

  21. Penny Morris

    Kelly is the ranger. Wow this place sounds awesome! Would love to take my family there!

  22. Rose Joshua


  23. Lakyden Ram

    This is awesum, wow, what a great expierance this will be for my kids if we were to win it, with the head Ranger Kelly leading the way, I’m sure this will definately be an expierance of a lifetime. Good Luck to all that enters and God bless

  24. Kelly would be your head ranger

  25. Kelly is the head ranger. A girl in a mans world!

  26. Janine Hoffmann

    Kelly is the head ranger. Heart breaking about the 4 rhino they have recently lost. thoughts and prayers with all the staff who work so hard to protect these animals

  27. Kelly is the head ranger.

  28. Deidre Bouwer

    Answer: Kelly Pote

    Deidre Bouwer

  29. Malcolm Ram

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger. Will be great to win. Enjoy and best of luck to every1 that enters.

  30. Jo-ann Ram

    Kelly is the head Ranger(“;)

  31. Lauren Newcombe

    Kelly is the head ranger 🙂

  32. Mekylo Ram

    The Head Ranger is Kelly.

  33. Kelly Pote is the head ranger, This sounds like an amazing holiday get-away,
    I would like to win this for my bother in PE, who has a terminal illness his lovely wife and two little girls i believe they derserve it, Seriouly! What a treat, A happy time for the family to forget about the pain they have gone through to remember that life is but a fleeting moment, that we take advange of .

  34. Michelle Prinsloo

    Head Ranger: Kelly Pote
    I would love to bless my husband and kids with this trip for all their hard work and sacrifices during this year.

  35. Kelly Pote is the head ranger

  36. Morne Koen

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger. I have never been able to take my wife and two daughters on any holiday or weekend away. Would love to win something like this.

  37. Yolanda Vermeulen

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger

  38. Caroline

    Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger 🙂 Would LOVE to win this prize for my family!

  39. Carmen Bellew

    Greetings Traveling Tribe! The Head Ranger of Lalibela is off course : Kelly Pote!
    I’ve always wanted to go to Lalibela, but can’t afford it, so this would be a dream come true & a huge blessing if we could win this prize.
    Lots of love,
    Carmen Bellew

  40. Kelly is the head ranger at Lalibela Too. Absolutely positive that such a kind gesture will find the most deserving of persons..

  41. Kelly Pote!

  42. Doris Logie

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger at Lalibela……

  43. Annelie Bekker

    Kelly is the Head Ranger!! What a AWESUM prize to give away!!!

  44. Ester Escola

    Kelly Pote is the Head ranger! Sal sooo graag my man biejtie wil wegneem vir ‘n naweek!!

  45. Jane

    Kelly is the head ranger
    who keeps you away from danger
    she knows her stuff
    never calls your bluff
    and in the wild, she is no stranger

  46. kerry Bosch

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger

  47. Glenda Perumal

    Kelly is the head ranger…

  48. Desere

    Kelly Pote

  49. Lalibela’s head ranger is Kelly.

    I would love to take my family for a game reserve experience and be able to blog about it for my travel blog as well

  50. Andy

    it must be kelly by the looks of it!!!!
    if i win will you pay for the flights???????? ohhh please
    no, ok give it to a local not so well of family, but we want to see the photo’s!!!!!!!!!

  51. Thembela Tours

    Lalibela’s head rangewr is Kelly what a great person.
    Thanks for a great insight and now for my own experience at Lalibela.

  52. Sonya van Schalkwyk

    Kelly is the Head Ranger at Lalibela. What a lovely place to be. We as a family would love to go to Lalibela. In the 10 years we’ve been married, we have NEVER been able to go away as a family (husband, myself and our 2 boys). My husband has been diagnosed with Cancer (praise God he is in remission), and we would love to spend quality time together as a family, away from home.

  53. Theresa Beer

    Kelly is the head ranger at Lalibela

  54. Answer: Kelly Pote
    Karl – 082 854 4262

  55. Dolf Britz

    Kelly is the ranger. What about the price for a Vrystater. Come-on show your kindness out of the friendly city

  56. Cherie Howes

    Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger.

  57. Nwabisa Makunga

    Sounds splendid, wow!

  58. Kelly is the Head Ranger

  59. Lizanne Matthew

    Kelly Pote

  60. Kelly Oh Kelly Sweet sweet Kelly 🙂

  61. Kerri Mcleod

    Head ranger is: Kelly.

  62. Karen Hayes


  63. Kelly Pote

  64. Lizette Saayman

    The Head Ranger is Kelly. This sounds wonderful!


  66. Hi Theuns,

    Kelly seems to be the man.

    The Head Ranger
    Kudu Ridge Game Ranch

  67. monique Greyling Pieterse

    Answer: Kelly is the head ranger
    I would so love to spoil my family, after the bad motor bike accident left us in a bit of a state, and it being our little families 3rd wedding annivesary havent even had a honeymoon this would be so perfect.

  68. Petro Coetzee


  69. Kobus Kotze

    Kelly is Head Ranger

  70. Kelly!!! sounds awesome

  71. Kelly is the Head Ranger 🙂

  72. Trevor


  73. Donavon Christians

    Kelly is the head ranger and it sounds like an awesome experience! WOW!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog.

  74. Showna Petzer

    Kelly is the Head Ranger

  75. Tamika Bouwer

    Kelly is the head ranger

  76. Linda Rossouw

    Its Kelly!!!

  77. Hi its Kelly and i drive past and want to cry after knowing that they lost there rinos.

  78. Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Would love to take my own little “tribe” to experience the magic of lalibela 🙂
    Thanks travelling tribe for enlightening us with all the amazing places the eastern cape has to offer!

  79. Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger, she’s no stranger to danger. The beauty she did see, to save it for eternity is her plea, through her eyes nature shines and in the bright lit sky Africa wears her crown 😀

  80. Margo Scholtz


  81. Susan Simpson

    Answer – Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger
    Wow, absolutely loved reading this tribute to the Tribes experience at Lalibela – sounded like home away from home except in absolute luxury!

  82. melvin Smith

    Hey Theunis…I am blown away by the response you have here…its workijng…..well done….just one thing though…..Madi should be in a camo outfit 😀 and the answer is….. Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger!


  84. Mariehet


  85. Kelly Pote – a woman ! 🙂

  86. Stuart York

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

  87. Odette Olivier


  88. Ronwyn Venturini


  89. Ingrid Peters

    Kelly Pote is the head game range :o)

  90. The answer is Kelly. We would LOVE to visit!
    Heidi Boekkooi

  91. Jason Vollaire

    Kelly is the head game ranger. Would love to take my boys on an adventure :0)

  92. Clayton Noah

    Kelly, Lalibela’s Head Ranger. Will be a great experience. Thanks be to God.

  93. Adrian Vermaak

    Kelly is the head ranger. Generous opportunity! Thanks to Lalibela and RKF!

  94. Rosemary Ann Joshua (0794970484)

    Kelly, she is the Head Ranger

  95. Magdaleen Stadler

    Kelly. It looks like a great place with great people!

  96. marilee jansen van nieuwenhuizen

    Thanks for the lovely read! Head ranger is Kelly.

  97. Kelly is the Head Ranger.

  98. Andrew


  99. Mia Henry

    Kelly Pote

  100. Linda

    KELLY is the Head Ranger at Lalibela!!

  101. Tom

    Kelly is the head ranger

  102. Alex McKenzie

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger!

  103. Madelene

    It’s no other than, Kelly Pote, she’s the Head Ranger…

  104. Now this is an awesome family friendly prize totally worth entering! Even better winning! The wonderful pleasure of enjoying Lalibela and all her beauty under the experienced guidance of Kelly Pote.

    What a top class prize from a top class destination!


  107. Chrisna Viljoen


  108. Kelly Pote is the head game ranger. I would so love to win this prize for our anniversary ~ we didn’t get a chance to have a honeymoon! 🙂

  109. Herman

    Kelly Pote. This would make an amazing family get away. So need to win this!

  110. Kelly Pote is the head ranger. Lalibela looks like such a beautiful place filled with peace and tranquility. It would be such a blessing to be able to go to a place like this with my family and REST. We are in need of some time away just the four of us. It is so great that Kingfisher is promoting these wonderful places in our part of the world. It makes us aware of all the hidden treasures we don’t even know about. Our hearts still go out to the all those who work at Lalibela after the loss of the rhino’s. Keep up the great work with God’s creatures, He is so pleased with you.

  111. Adele Fourie

    Kelly is the head ranger.

  112. Kelly Pote. Grew up doing the Kruger Park every year and still love holidays watching the wildlife.

  113. Michelle Campbell

    Answer: Kelly Pote. Well done TT on another magnificently executed marketing job on our beautiful province! Keep up the good work

  114. Shirmell Newman

    Kelly is the head ranger. What a great read, made me picture myself at Lalibela, tasting, smelling, experiencing and enjoying everything the place has to offer.

  115. Sue Carter

    Head ranger is Kelly Pote

  116. Sivan Naidoo

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger at Lalibela.

  117. bantu

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger at Lalibela

  118. Marie meiring

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger at Lalibella

  119. sharief calvert

    Kelly is the head ranger.

  120. SharingwithSusie

    This entry is on behalf of my nanny and friend Sylvia Mthtolo who does not have access to internet. Her answer is Kelly Pote. Sylvie works long hours away from her children each day. She commutes 3 hrs in total to and from work. She does not have the luxury of help in her home so on weekends she does her families washing by hand and cleaning and cooking.Her husband is unfortunately unemployed. She is a strong christian who always has a smile on her face and deserves this once in a life time opportunity to be spoilt.

  121. The answer is Kelly

  122. Hydeh-Mari Elkington

    Kelly is the head ranger at Lalibela.

  123. Nicely written blog. Kelly is the head ranger!

  124. Lana

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger!!!

  125. Stacey

    Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger
    Would be awesome to enjoy the experience of Lalibela.

  126. Michael Kimberley

    Kelly Pote is head ranger. Awesome prize.

  127. Pamela Tite

    Kelly is the head ranger – what a stunning prize! We are so fortunate to live in the Eastern Cape and have access to these wonderful places!!

  128. The eastern cape = beautiful people, beautiful sunsets, beautiful wildlife. There is a reason its called the friendly provice, add all the beautifuls together you get heaven, the Eastern Cape ❤

    Kelly is the head ranger

  129. Joan Lombarad

    Kelly Pote

  130. Karen vd Merwe


  131. Yolika Swart


  132. saraessop

    Kelly is the Head Ranger at Lalibela.

  133. Kelly is head Ranger. Would so love to win this treat

  134. Doris Logie

    Kelly Pote 🙂

  135. Kelly is head ranger. I would love to win this treat

  136. Sheena O'Keeffe

    The head ranger is Kelly. What a dream job… We were devastated by the loss of their 4 rhino, so terribly sad.

  137. taryn barnard

    Head Ranger is Kelly

  138. Tanya Robinson


  139. Simone Jeffrey

    Kelly is the Head Ranger.

  140. Kelly Pote is Lalibela’s Head Ranger, we as family – mom, dad & 2 kids – would be so blessed by being part of Lalibela Game Reserve’s family for ever in helping them to protect for what is so important to our kids and there kids – nature the way God made it for us to respect. What a wonderful read on the wed and thank you NMBM, Kingfisher FM & The Willows. Thank you, God bless.

  141. Cobus vd Watt

    Kelly – Head Ranger of Lalibela.

    “The beauty she did see, to save it for eternity is her plea, through her eyes nature shines and in the bright lit sky Africa wears her crown”

    .. my family are in need of some time away just the four of us, What a wonderful read on the web and thank you NMBM, Kingfisher FM & The Willows. Thank you, God bless.

  142. Morne Spies

    Lalibela’s Head Ranger is Kelly.

  143. Cobus vd Watt

    Kelly Pote – Head Ranger of Lalibela Too.

    ‘Conservation is about conserving & creating a livelihood. It is about conserving a way of life. It is about affecting our world. Positively.’ – WOW this sounds like my daughter … only 12 and she lives for consevation. Het brother only 19mnths will clearly follow in her foot steps.

    Thank you and be blessed

    Van Der Watt family

  144. Cobus vd Watt

    The one and only … Kelly

    “Earlier I went out Cheetah-tracking with Kelly, Lalibela’s Head Ranger.

    A girl in a man’s world.”

    We would love to be part of Lalibela Too for ever…


    Cobus, Cornel, Chane and Jason

  145. Chane vd Watt

    Kelly, Lalibela’s Head Ranger. A girl in a man’s world.

    WOW – you go girl!

  146. Jason vd Watt

    Kelly Pote is die hoof van die ranger.

  147. Chane vd Watt

    Lalibela Game Reserve, Kelly Pote – Head Ranger · Grahamstown, Eastern Cape · Jan 2009 to present

  148. Chane vd Watt

    Kelly, ek lewe vir die natuur van die kleinste tot grootste, kan ons kom kuier by julle, die 2 dae wat julle aan bied sal so wonderlik wees en dan kan ek so baie by julle leer en eendag vir my klein boetie oor vertel.

  149. Allison Contardo

    Kelly Pote for sure!

  150. Dawn Munnings

    Kelly Pote is the Head ranger. What an wonderful experience!

  151. Ronel Verwoerd

    Kelly Pote

  152. Genevieve Paino

    Kelly is the head ranger

  153. Natasha Smith

    Kelly, Lalibela’s Head Ranger 🙂

  154. Dawn Munnings

    Kelly is the Head Ranger

  155. Colleen

    The Head Ranger is Kelly.

  156. suzi

    Kelly is the head ranger – if I win I want to bless my pastor and his family with this gift

  157. Bernice Human

    Kelly is the head ranger, you go girl!

  158. Mark Lourens

    Kelly is Lalibela’s Head Ranger

  159. Lee-Anne

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger. Just what my family needs i really would love to win this prize:)

  160. Sonel


  161. Deidre

    Kelly Pote

  162. Maleshni

    Kelly Kelly Kelly…..would be super keen to experience this…. :D*

  163. umeshani edgar

    Answer is Kelly…..oh how lovly this place sounds….would love 2 go there….as a honeymoon I never had and been married only 1year and 5months I think this would be special….even with my kids it will still be special…..

  164. Dawn Munnings

    Kelly is the head ranger!

  165. Yvette Ferreira

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger

  166. Tim

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger! Great prize! keep up the good work and exposure for our area!

  167. Tamelyn


  168. Kelly is the Head Ranger.

  169. Lesley Heaney

    Head ranger is Kelly. Sounds like a wonderful retreat!

  170. Lauren Gush

    Kelly is Lalibelas Head Ranger

  171. Lee Wilson

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger.What a wonderful experience this would be for my family. Our kids have never been to a game farm, let alone on a game drive or stayed anywhere with luxury that Lalibela has to offer.

  172. Luc Hosten

    Kelly Pote is the Head Ranger.

  173. Manuela Thurnher

    K nowledgeable
    E ager
    L eader
    L egendary
    Y earning

    P ersonality
    O bliging
    T olerant
    E ducate

  174. Dane Leo

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger

  175. Peet Swartz

    Kelly Pote is the head ranger 🙂

  176. Keith

    Kelly is the head ranger
    Such a prise should go to a deserving family. Although we as a family love the bush and nature my suggestion would be to send a deserving family. i am inclind to agree with Jennifer

  177. Penny Morris

    Thank you so very much for giving us this awesome opportunity to go and experience our country at it’s best! We are so excited! Bless you

    • congratulations Penny! You’ll love it. Make some memories. Remember that our relationships are built by investing time in them. The Tribe hopes that this will make a small contribution to blossoming relationships. 😀

  178. Obie Oberholster

    Kelly Pote 🙂

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