A Final Bit of Wonder

This weekend we’ll be wrapping up our Tribe’s Eastern Cape Explore for a little while.

We’re a bit nostalgic.

It was on the 3rd of February 2012 that we embarked on that first trip.

A weekend at beautiful Bergrivier, near Hankey

The start of an awesome experience, as we traveled from corner to corner across the Eastern Cape, every now & then spilling into the Free State, Lesotho or the Western Cape.

That first trip was done in our trusty Defender 90-series.

Zuko was still pregnant with little Maddi.


Unbeknownst to us, in all our travels, we were leaving tracks all accross the Cacadu-region.

Visiting six-and-a-half of this Tourism-region’s ‘World of 7 Wonders.’

Along the way we were privileged to enjoy the support of Vaughan Robertson & Maritime Motors, allowing us to experience the range of luxury vehicles they bring to our bit of world.

We drove Jeeps, Chryslers, Dodges & even a Fiat and a Alfa Romeo.

The kids in our Tribe fell in love with the comfort & space of the Chrysler Grand Voyager.

Zuko loved the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I’m still in two minds.

I love the affordable practicality & luxury of the Dodge Journey.

But there is something about the red Alfa Romeo Giulietta which exhilarated & wich I cannot shake.

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We started near Hankey.

This weekend as we head to ‘Baviaans Kloof, one of the Cacadu-region‘s ‘7 Wonders’, we’ll be coming full circle.

We’ll be spending our firts night in Hankey, at an authentic 125 year-old farmhouse now known as ‘The Meadows Guesthouse’.

We’ll be driving there in our Landy.

We’ll be savoring everything of this beautiful world, aware that soon we’ll find ourselves on a different kind of adventure.

Exploring Asia from a city called Jiamusi.

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It is going to be a completely different kind of journey.

We hope to learn Tai Chi.

To discover something about ‘happiness‘.

To ride the Trans-Siberian Line.

Visit Vladivostok & Kabarovsk.




To taste a world so foreign we won’t know how to ask for headache medicine & no one will know what Disprin is.

We’re grateful for this weekend.

It is a moment to breathe amidst rushing to get everything done for our Asia Adventure.

It is a moment to reflect.

To smile.

Be grateful.

So we say thank you to everyone who shared our travels.

To everyone who supported it.

If you loved ‘Traveling Tribe’ because of the prizes: don’t fret.  We’re bringing back an awesome prize from Baviaans Kloof.  Next year, a crowd of travelers will be our guests on this blog, as they keep on exploring the Eastern Cape & all of them will share the fun.

If you loved ‘Traveling Tribe’ because you loved following our journey: we’ll keep you posted on life from Jiamusi & show you all the out-of-the-way places we discover.

Don’t forget to savor every moment.

To not take life too seriously.

To love relentlessly.

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