Care Fully Pre Paired


In less than a week our Tribe will be in Jiamusi, China.

On Friday we collected our passports, with our visas, from the Chinese consulate in Johannesburg.

On Thursday we found flights from Beijing to Jiamusi.

Ever since we’ve been trying to find something which resembles winter clothing, so that we’ll be sort of prepared for the siberian temperatures awaiting us.

This is quite a challenge in summer in central South Africa.

We hope we’ll find something more appropriate along the way.

How do you prepare for something you have no idea about?

We’ve been packing bags.

Carefully weighing them.

Making sure we’re inside the weight restrictions of all the airlines.

On Sunday afternoon I took a moment.

The kids went to play with friends.

A friend did a talk.

I took time away from travel plans & suitcases.

He spoke about ‘carefully prepared times’.

He spoke about ‘coming‘.

About ‘being‘.

About time announced.

And time leading into time.

Always again.

Which reminded me.

Of how stunningly & full of care our lives have been pre paired.

How fortunate I am to be sharing it witb Zuko.

Willing to travel into the unknown.

Not just now, as we head to northern China, but always.

Perhaps tomorrow is the unknown?

Always coming again?

The only certainty, if you wish, or are enlightened,  to believe, that our Origin did not desert us.

Even our individual lives not chance or inconsequential,  but interwoven & filled to the brim with meaning.

With care, full.



With the Beginning of Being.

Who is.

So that we may be.

And so it is our hope, as you journey too, that you might see the fullness of care.

As you live.

Not alone.

But paired.



Who is us.

May this be yours at a time when tinsel & overcrowded stores are the only respite for many.

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