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Swellendam Explore Day 1


It has been a while since we’ve done publicized travels.

Its not that we’ve not traveled.

We’ve been to the beautiful Kromme Island Estate, we’ve spent time in Somerset East & we’ve visited Bloemfontein, as well as the magnificent Kingdom of Lesotho.

Beautiful journeys, shared with beautiful people.

Travel is in our DNA.  its as if we can’t help ourselves.

But we’ve not blogged about it.

There were no competitions in which you could win your own travel experience.

No pictures or video or radio interviews.

In the past few months quite a bit has happened.

Maddi has gone from a new-born baby to being a toddler who runs all over the place & vociferously expresses her every desire.

Theunsie turned thirteen.

We held his l’homme de la liberte, his coming of age, where he told us about his being, who he is & what he values.  Since he has been living in freedom, making his own decisions with us around him, guiding him, advising him, so that he can learn about life & becoming in a safe environment, making mistakes, and choosing beautifully,  for life is a magnificent combination of both.

It is good to remember that we are an ‘us’.

It is good to be reminded that love & acceptance has nothing to do with performancemor compliance.

For us this has worked well, as Theunsie (and even Wilhelmiena) emerges into adult-hood, through puberty and being teenagers,  avoiding the typical rebellion parents so often complain about.

Its a different way of doing.

Theunsie also found his first girlfriend.

The beautiful Hannah.

She calls herself Forest & we oblige.

It is pretty innocent.

Holding hands.

Sitting close.

Beautiful to see him slowly, yet confidently exploring this new world of becoming ‘us’.

It is stunning to be witnesses to this natural progression from being child into being man.

It is scary too.

As we wonder if we ‘did well’ as parents?

If we ‘gave him what he needs’ in the few years he was entrusted to us.

When they are born, we think we have many years.

But we don’t.

It is a moment since weld held him in our arms for the first time.

And now he is reaching forward.

Into life.

And we have the privilege of sharing it with him.

Hannah, or rather Forest, is joining us on our Swellendam Explore.

We tried to do this 2 years ago – not the bringing along of Forest thing – the exploring of Swellendam & surrounds.

We had just arrived, when we were told a wonderful friend had passed away & our Swellendam Explore turned into a trip to the Kalahari Thirstland, a funeral in the shade of an ancient ‘Kameel Doring Boom’ & the very surprising news that at 41 we’re expecting another child.

Now, as I write, that child has emerged as little Maddi-Boo, who is sitting on my lap, in the lounge at Stonehill River Lodge’s lounge, as I share these thoughts.

We arrived here just before 7 last night.

The drive was stunning.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager, sponsored to us for this trip, by Maritime Motors, a truly magnificent vehicle.  Spacious. Comfortable. Responsive. The interior designed to take a Tribe like ours (and all our luggage) on an unforgettable voyage.

After a bit more than 6 hours traveling we weren’t tired at all.

We unloaded.

Lit a fire.

Started relaxing.

We shared supper.

Slowly flowing into the rhythm of being on an explore.

The kids spoke about the things we’re looking forward too: going horse riding at Two Feathers, crossing the river by pontoon at Malagas, cycling through the reserve here at Stonehill River Lodge and exploring a fairy land in Swellendam.

We hope to see some old friends too.

In Gansbaai, perhaps on our way home in Knysna.

We hope to make new friends.

As we share this journey.

This moment in a journey much larger.

Maybe, along the way, we could become together.

More of who we are.

Exquisitely woven soul & matter.

Beautifully born, to taste, experience, connect & share.

We hope you will travel with us.

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