The Traveling Tribe is me, my Zuko, our kids plus Beate.

We come from Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

We’ve always loved travel.

Driving thousands of kilometres across Southern Africa, as we visit places & people we love, from the Kalahari to the Cape.

In 2012 we launched Traveling Tribe as a tourism promotion, taking every imaginable weekend to visit every imaginable place in the Eastern Cape, our travels spilling into the Western Cape, the Freestate and Limpopo, as we seek new places to discover and experience.

From the beginning of 2014 we lived in Jiamusi, in the far north of China.

From this beautiful city we started travelling Asia, whenever we get the chance.

Our being here, travel of a different kind, as we discover the beautiful people of China.

In July 2015 we moved, for a little while, to a little Chinese Village, surrounded by fruit trees & farm-lands, about 40 kilometres from Beijing.

Our journey still exciting & exquisite, to us at least, as we keep on learning new things from new people and new experiences.

Maybe you’ll share our journey.

Maybe you’ll even be inspired to make a journey of your own.


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  1. Steven

    I like St Augustine! And I like reading pages and pages and pages…

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