A Tribe cannot be launched.

It exists.

Perhaps our Tribe existed even before time, but it was in 2012 that we started sharing our travels with you.

We’ve traveled all five regions of the Cacadu District in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

We’ve explored the Western Cape & loved the Republic of Swellendam.

We’ve been to Botswana & Lesotho.

And now we’re exploring the Far East.

Our Tribe is large & boisterous.  Three adults, two teenagers, an almost teenager & a toddler.

This video was made when we started out in 2012.

Since we’ve moved to Jiamusi in the North of China.

From here we started discovering & tasting & learning.

Now we live, for a little while, in a little Chinese village, surrounded by fruit trees & farm-lands, about 40 kilometers from Beijing.

We’re still travelers, with no roots in any place, but deep roots in the idea that life is meant to be shared & experiences are more valuable than things.

We’re hoping, you’ll enjoy the diversity of the journey.

Africa & Asia.

And maybe you’ll be inspired to travel a bit as well.

Or at least, to spend your most precious commodity, time, on the people you love.


11 thoughts on “MEET THE TRIBE

  1. Lafras Moolman

    awesomeness ALOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is lovely, what a wonderful tribe 🙂

  3. gemma

    was wonderful reading this, made me smile (from the inside) xx

  4. Showna Petzer

    sooo precious

  5. Rob Wylde on behalf of Jenvey Road Cell

    Excellent & informative content & Ganora sounds fantastic.

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  7. Mariehet

    It sound like my type of family and I love the caring and sharing.AWESOME♥

  8. A true Inspiration. Warmed my heart.

  9. Cobus van der Watt

    Lalibela Game Reserve is Kelley Pote

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  11. Brian Visser

    Love your attitudes towards life and little jelous you guys are in china it’s where I want to live…

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